Sellers Before We Start

Thinking of selling? Before we get started

Before we sit down together and discuss the marketing there will be some information you can help provide that will not only make my job easier, but will be of assistance to the new owners of your property. Please complete as much as possible before our appointment.

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Tell Us About Your Home

What are the special things that you have enjoyed about this home?

When you first brought it, what first attracted you to it?

What alterations or improvements have you made while you’ve been here?

Has an architect been involved in the building or renovation of the house? If so, who?

Do all additions and renovations have Code of Compliance Certificates or Building Permits?

What renovations would you have done if you’d stayed?
Do you have an approximate cost for these renovations?

Did you obtain a LIM report before purchasing?

Do you have a copy of the Certificate of Title?

If your home is a family home, are there other families living in the street?

Please list the following chattels that remain with the property upon sale...

What additional chattels could be negotiable?


Tell Us About the Location/Neighbourhood

What day is rubbish collected?

Where are the nearest schools (Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary)?

Where are the nearest shops?

What is the availability of public transport?
excellentaveragenot so goodnot available

What recreational facilities are available within easy walking reach - e.g. parks, sports clubs, swimming pools etc?

What special advantages have you found in living in this location?


Marketing of your property

Prior to making the decision to sell your property, have you been to open homes of similar properties to make some valid market comparisons, or alternatively do you know of sales of similar properties in the area in recent months?

Have you previously tried to sell this property?

Do you have a recent Registered Valuation for this property?

There are a multitude of ways to attract buyers to your property. Please tick alongside those that you are happy for us to undertake?
Contacting our existing buyers prior to other advertisingA hardcopy or electronic mailout to potential buyersA signOpen homesProperty Weekly AdvertisingSunday Star Times ColourBayleys specialist portfolios (e.g Waterfront magazine, Country, UK property press)Internet listingContacting 50 homes in the immediate area

Please indicate the frequency of feedback you would like?
DailyWeeklyAfter each buyer visitAfter each buyer visit and weeklyOnly once there’s an offer