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Why use Team Todd to market your property?

Our Values

Looking for honest and trustworthy agents?
When you engage with Team Todd, you will receive a highly motivated team dedicated to achieving the best results for you!

Sale Price

Because Team Todd is committed to constantly evolving their marketing approach to adapt to changing market conditions, we ensure that in any market, we can and will optimise your sale price.

Database of Buyers

Once listed with Team Todd, a link to your property will be immediately emailed out to every suitable buyer prior to the commencement of the full marketing campaign.

We are proud of the large list of active buyers we have acquired and trust us to help them. Is your home the one they could be looking for?

Making it Easier for People to Buy your property

Because our team is available 7 days a week, buyers prefer dealing with us because we are more accessible. We explain the purchasing process for new buyers to the market extremely well, and so facilitates a higher number of offers, contracts and sales per viewing than the industry average.

Experience Counts

The process, or indeed the art, of presenting your property for sale is an important one to master. For most, the sale of a property comes around every 5-7 years. For others, it has become a more regular event, choosing to capitalise on the opportunity of upgrading the family home and making substantial tax-free gains in the process.

Whatever your motive for selling, the process can either be tense and disappointing, or stress-free and lucrative. The good news is you have the ability to choose.

Kellie and her team have a successful track record to take you and your property through the marketing and sale process with the minimum of stress. In every transaction Kellie is mindful of the Bayleys mission statement – maximising the value of our clients’ real estate assets through superior marketing.


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