Case Study

Do-up or re-develop?

What a find! Do-up or re-develop?

13 Cambria Street, The Wood

This property was marketed as a deadline sale in order to gauge market feedback to position it correctly without over pricing or under pricing. The house everyone was waiting for… a solid, original and untouched renovators or developers dream on a large piece of land right in the heart of Nelson. This 1960s original with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom sold for $753,000 in just 8 days from going live onto the market, which meant we had sufficient evidence and officers to bring the deadline sale date forward so the owner could make their informed decision.

We showcased this property on 4 websites, it was emailed out to our database of over 2000 buyers, there was quite an extensive social media campaign to attract the buyers as we knew it wouldn’t last long and wanted to give all buyers an opportunity not to miss out on it and my colleagues notified all of their buyers.

Happy to say the buyer for this property had a family connection to its original owners and was introduced to the property by one of my team mates. At Bayleys you don’t just get me as a lead agent you also gain access to the team within the entire Bayleys structure and their buyers.

Our vendors were pretty happy with the end result. If there was a premium to be made it was always going to be us who could find it with the strategy we planned for this property would prove that and it did.

Sold: $753,000.

RV: $620,000.

3 bedroom/1 bathroom

Listed: 22nd November 2019

Sold: 1st December 2019

Days listed: 8 days