John and Penny Appelman

Apr 12, 2012 | No Responses

It was a refreshing change to deal with a team rather than just one person. We found your whole team empathetic, friendly and easy to deal with and so had confidence potential buyers would find the same. The team took care of every aspect, leaving us with nothing to do except concentrate on preparing the property.

You and the team were the consummate professionals! It was clear that you were working on our behalf to achieve the best possible price, rather than looking for a quick sale to get your commission. We really appreciated your integrity and ethical approach.

 The marketing both, printed and electronic, was beautifully presented as a result of using a professional photographer and copywriter which definitely gave it an edge over other agencies.

We thought the whole process was relatively stress-free, clear cut and obviously successful. What we liked about the deadline sale strategy was that it meant the property was only on the market for a limited time. We found that for us, a short time frame was far more convenient, and a lot less stressful than a sales campaign that went on endlessly. The best part was that our property sold quickly and for a premium price. 

The level of service, marketing, attention to detail and communication exceeded any previous experiences. Pity we aren’t selling anything else – Bruce you will always be our first choice if needed in the future.

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