My Recent Sales – Nelson City

What people love about Nelson Central:

This is where many families prefer to live if they want easy walking distance to schools. There are three primary schools here, the Boys and Girls Colleges, and schools at Intermediate level. The architecture ranges primarily from about 1880 to 1930’s. The central city can be reached within 10 minutes walk of most of the houses in this area. If you’re moving to Nelson for the lifestyle, this is where you’ll find it at its best. Prices range from $400,000 to $1,500,000

Address Method Price
Unit 8, Ocean View ApartmentsFixed Price$785,000
239 Rutherford StreetPrice by Negotiation$1,005,000
10 Nile StreetPrice by Negotiation$750,000
276 Rutherford StreetAuction$710,000
239 Rutherford StreetAuction$965,000
4/309 Wakefield QuayPrice by Negotiation$720,000
161 Collingwood StreetAuction$800,500
28 Russell StreetPrice by Negotiation$520,000
54 Bronte StreetPrice by Negotiation$1,150,000
3/132 Parkers RoadAuction$310,000
15 St Johns DrivePrice by Negotiation$525,000
4 Rosa Cristina WayPrice by Negotiation$900,000
2/2c South StreetAuction$460,000
340 Hardy StreetDeadline Sale$760,000
11 Cheshire PlacePrice by Negotiation$620,000
5 Sunset PlacePrice by Negotiation$970,000
69 Wastney TerracePrice by Negotiation$1,140,000
280 Princes DrivePrice by Negotiation$735,000
19 Collingwood StreetAuction$642,000
3 Valerie PlacePrice by Negotiation$444,500
354 Hardy StreetAuction$701,000
21 Avon TerracePrice by Negotiation$1,310,000
60 Bisley AvenuePrice by Negotiation$500,000
73 Brunner StreetAuction$320,000
159 Collingwood StreetPrice by Negotiation$850,000
406a Trafalgar StreetPrice by Negotiation$293,000
12 Richmond AvenueDeadline Sale$910,000
33 Atmore TerracePrice by Negotiation$650,000
36 Alfred StreetPrice by Negotiation$710,000
241B Vanguard StreetPrice by Negotiation$300,000
7B Brougham StreetPrice by Negotiation$467,000
21 Ngatiawa StreetPrice by Negotiation$300,000
21A Ngatiawa StreetPrice by Negotiation$415,000
49 Manuka StreetFixed Price$630,000
21 Mount StreetPrice by Negotiation$625,000
532 Maitai Valley RoadDeadline Sale$475,000
19 Van Diemen Street Price by Negotiation $445,000
353 Hardy StreetDeadline Sale $975,000
83 Mount StreetPrice by Negotiation$475,000
214 Collingwood StreetTender $1,468,000
374 Trafalgar SquarePrice by Negotiation$825,000
161 Parkers RoadDeadline Sale$651,000
27 Elliott StreetPrice By Negotiation$685,000
32 Campbell StreetPrice By Negotiation$294,000
28 Allan StreetDeadline Sale$875,000
358 Hardy StreetExclusice $1,080,000
48 Brougham StreetExclusive$630,000
247 Maitai Valley RoadPrice By Negotiation$430,000
724 Main Road, Stoke Exclusive$953,000
7 Ngatiawa StreetDeadline Sale$1,050,000
38 Highview DriveDeadline Sale$935,000
215 Collingwood StreetPrice By Negotiation$1,780,000
12 Elliott StreetDeadline Sale$575,000
6 St. Johns DriveDeadline Sale$1,145,000
18 Commodore PlacePrice By Negotiation$238,000
207 Maitai Valley RoadDeadline Sale$935,000
26 Endeavour StreetPrice By Negotiation$650,000
11 Crown TerraceAuction$595,000
4 Ngatitama StreetDeadline Sale$950,000
20 Avon TerraceDeadline Sale$990,000
358 Hardy StreetDeadline Sale$1,000,000
18 Elliott StreetDeadline Sale$495,000
154 Westbrook TerraceDeadline Sale$355,000
2 Leach PlaceDeadline Sale$422,500
41 Brougham StreetDeadline Sale$1,425,000
36 Brougham StreetDeadline Sale$1,125,000
225 Collingwood StreetExclusive$1,225,000
13 Laval HeightsDeadline Sale$487,500
12/39 Trafalgar StreetExclusive$420,000
5 Commodore PlaceExclusive$231,000
41 Highview DriveDeadline Sale$600,000
101 Quebec RoadDeadline Sale$347,500
42 Citrus Lane Deadline Sale$500,000
53 Trafalgar StreetDeadline Sale$915,000
13/39 Trafalgar StreetExclusive$405,000
14 Avon TerraceDeadline Sale$528,000
5 Shelbourne Street Deadline Sale$520,000
46 Renwick PlaceDeadline Sale$367,000
19 Laval HeightsDeadline Sale$475,000
83 Halifax StreetAuction$570,000
Lot 5, City HeightsAuction$525,000
90 Tosswill RoadAuction$440,000
10 Atmore TerraceAuction$475,000
180 Collingwood StreetExclusive$443,000