Twenty Five Thousand Dollars

That’s what this outstanding and iconic property cost to buy last time it was for sale

The year New Zealand changed to decimal currency the family who own this home took possession.  The purchase price probably seemed like a bit of a stretch at the time, but over the intervening 49 years they’ve owned it, they have raised a family and created a multitude of very happy memories.  They’ve also had 49 years of fending off buyers who have wanted to own it – until now. Finally it’s time for a change and a slice of early Nelson history is now for sale.

History, I hear you say?  When the Wakefield brothers arrived to colonise Nelson they set their camp at the bottom of this property by what is now Wakefield Quay. There are paintings of that camp in many Nelson houses, and the artists’ vantage point is very clearly where this house now sits. At the time, the harbour entrance was right in front of this house, between Fifeshire Rock and what is now Haulashore Island, before the Boulder Bank was severed to create the island and The Cut in 1906.

In spite of shipping being diverted through a safer channel in 1906, the outlook from this tranquil and private home is still pure vintage Nelson and the location’s value has remained timeless. Set well back from the road on an exceptionally large piece of land – 3,349 m2, the four bedroom home is sound but in need of your care and attention to bring it into the modern century.

Because it’s such a jewel along the Port Hills of Nelson, you may feel you’ll stretch a little to own it, but when you look back, it will seem inexpensive, just like the purchase in 1967.

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