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Moving on Up in Nelson

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Before reading about our new listings below, if you are in the UK, I will be making my annual trip to work at UK immigration expos in March.

As well as talking about homes, I will be representing Migrate2Nelson which is a service designed to help make your move to our sunny shores as stress-free as possible.

Migrate2Nelson offers Immigration assistance, job search, rental properties, banking, insurance, UK pension transfer assistance, banking, legal and accountancy to name a few.

Conventionally I work at immigration expos in the UK, plus I meet with Ex-pat Kiwis and also those wishing to move to NZ.

If you are overseas reading this, and wish to catch up to discuss any of the services that Migrate2Nelson offers, please contact me as soon as possible. My diary fills up pretty quickly. You can find out more about their services in the link to the right of this page.

Last week I gave my opinion about Nelson house prices. Not long after that, there was an article in the paper about the same issue.  It’s short and to the point and worth a read.  You’ll find it by following this link: https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/100675642/value-growth-proves-commentators-wrong-reinz

If you’re in Nelson – have a great week and keep the sunblock handy.

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