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Moving on Up in Nelson 18/04/2012

Apr 11, 2012 | No Responses

Since last week we have sold 374 Trafalgar Sq, Nelson, and like many sales over the last little while, this one settles quite quickly.
This raises an issue I often get asked when preparing offers for buyers – what is the conventional time gap between going unconditional and settling?
In reality there is no covention and the settlement date is as much a feature of the negotiation process as the price is. The personal circumstances of each party is addressed during negotiations.  If for instance the buyer is renting, then they generally have to give at least 3 weeks notice to vacate and so settlement is unlikely to occur before that 
In some cases, where the property is vacant and the buyer is able to move very quickly, settlement can occur within the same week the deal was concluded. This can be very exciting for both parties.
Taking the other extreme, we have seen deals where settlement is at least a year after the negotiations were concluded.  This is particulary the case where the buyer is moving here from overseas, and has a long timeline.  The advantage for the seller is that they have a deal locked in and have the luxury of time to look around for their next home.

Those of you who have been reading this for a while will recognise our two profile listings below –

63 Marsden Valley Road, Maitlands has been advertised on these weekly emails and the internet only – until now.  The property goes into the print media this Friday and we have the first open home this property has ever known, this Sunday.  The family who own it have been here 40 years, and while they leave behind a host of very pleasant memories, they also leave a home you can be proud to own. In spite of being on the town fringe, the privacy and tranquillity are absolute.

422B Wakapuaka Road, north of Nelson was on the market with us last year, and while we had interest in the property at the time, it didn’t sell.  Now the owner is ultra-motivated to sell and we expect that this sensational “off-the-grid” home will sell this time around.

Have a great week.

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