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What our clients say about us

  • My property was initially launched onto the market in October of 2017. It languished on the market for five long months, with numerous price changes, the sale managed by an alternative agent. Eventually a referral by personal friends brought me to Bruce Farquhar from Bayley’s. With the right marketing strategy, a refreshed image and the skill and dedication of Bruce and Jacqui Miller, it took just 15 days for Bayleys to achieve a successful sale at a price level $177,000 higher than the highest offer achieved by the alternative agent. I would not hesitate to recommend Bruce and Jacqui to owners wishing to make a highly successful sale.

    Caroline Astridge
  • We knew we wanted to use Bayleys as the company to sell our inner-city home, as we love their quality of marketing and have always been impressed with the amount of information they provide to potential purchasers, but we also had our eye on one agent in particular – Bruce Farquhar. He has a reputation for being highly knowledgeable and experienced, and we were not disappointed.

    His years in the game have honed his skills – his was always on time, gave prompt and constructive feedback from all viewings, and his negotiation skills got our sale across the line. He has realised what is important to his clients, not wasting our time with unnecessary meetings, and having a team around him meant that someone was available on our schedule to answer questions and just be there for us.

    He was able to launch our property to market so quickly, with no loss of quality in that presentation, we knew from the start we had made the right decision. The whole process went quickly and smoothly and signing that contract at the end was the only inevitable outcome of such a well-run campaign.

    Darren and Michelle Wintour
  • After struggling to sell our property through other agencies, we finally found our perfect fit with Bruce and his team at Bayleys. From the very first meeting we knew we were in safe hands with him. We were truly listened to and respected throughout the whole process – nothing was too much trouble and any questions or concerns were dealt with immediately. Bruce and his team worked tirelessly getting qualified buyers through the door of our home, and their feedback was always relayed the same day, so we were never left in limbo. While they did the ‘heavy lifting’ of open homes and marketing, we still felt as we were part of the process the whole time. While we came to Bruce for his professional reputation, we were pleased to discover that his professionalism comes with a friendly disposition, a high-quality marketing approach and the confidence that comes from years of getting great results for his clients. It was an absolute pleasure; Bruce and the whole team are head and shoulders above the rest.

    Peter Gargiulo
  • When we started our house hunting, we were fortunate enough to meet Bruce’s business partner Jacqui at our first viewing.  She struck us as being very professional, knowledgeable and personable and as a result, we decided to invite them both to appraise our property.  From the very beginning of our association with Bruce and Jacqui our experience was nothing but positive.   We were very impressed with the high quality of the marketing campaign that they put together for us and the advice they gave us about house presentation.  They made the sale process very easy for us and we secured a sale very quickly.  While we were going through that, Jacqui was also  helping us to find a property to buy.  During the weeks that we worked with Bruce and Jacqui both selling and searching, they both always made us feel that were important and that our business mattered.  We would unhesitatingly recommend Bruce and Jacqui to any potential vendors.  Not only did she help to achieve a great result for us on our sale, and provide us with lots of choice on our purchase, she was also a delight to work with.

    Mike and Amanda Crehan
  • One of the reasons I chose to go with Bruce and his team at Bayleys was their reach. I understood that the best way to sell my house would be to get it in front of the most people, and having access to all the resources behind Bayleys and Bruce’s extensive network, I knew that I was giving myself the best chance of the right person seeing it. I always felt fully involved in the process and knew what was happening every step of the way. I found Bruce always friendly and supportive during what can often become a slightly unnerving time. He kept a cool head and helped me to do the same through the entire journey of selling my home, and this really came to the fore when it came time for negotiations. His wealth of knowledge and confidence assured me that we would achieve a sale outcome, and he absolutely delivered on that. My grateful thanks Bruce, wishing you many more sales in the future!

    Gillian Williams
  • Using Bruce and his team at Bayleys made a lot of sense for us, given the nature of our property. Having spent a great deal of time and energy turning it into a truly stunning home, we felt the professional approach, large client base of quality buyers and brand-appeal of Bayleys was the best fit. We appreciated Bruce’s willingness to take the time to get to know both us and our property well, and his approachable demeanour with us made us comfortable to come to him with any questions. We also, however, appreciated his assertiveness on our behalf when it came time to negotiate with buyers and get the best deal possible for us. Between our young family and our desire to get started with the next phase of our property life, we found using a deadline sale approach worked well. It gave us a concentrated time in which to maintain the ‘market ready’ presentation of our home, while instigating action in buyers to get their due diligence completed under urgency. We knew at the end of the day he was working hard for us, and his knowledge and experience shone through at negotiation time.

    Glen Parsons and Miyoung Park
  • Having previously worked with Bruce in an admin role at Bayleys, I was aware that he always pushed as hard as possible for the best of everything for his vendors, and I knew that was exactly what I wanted for the sale of my own property!

    Bruce was not only always professional, but open and honest, advising us exactly the best way to present our property to maximise its appeal and attract the right group of buyers. His confidence flowed over to us, and we were happy to leave the process in his hands. He kept us fully informed the whole way, including regarding the realistic price range that he saw the house in. I’ve seen others inflate a vendors expectation to simply ‘keep them happy’, then have to talk them down at crunch time to meet the market.

    For us, selling by Auction actually removed a lot of stress from the process. We knew we had a finite marketing campaign, and it brought out the true buyers early – it gave them impetus to make a decision and do their due diligence so they could bid on the day.

    Thanks again to Bruce and his team, who have helped us to move forward to the next exciting chapter in our lives.

    Kat and Glenn Perham
  • Thanks Bruce. Your service was backed up by a great team, working like a well-oiled machine. Questions were answered promptly, we received a good outcome within a great time frame and we appreciated the marketing advice on how to present our house. As we had already purchased elsewhere, we were happy to use a deadline sale marketing campaign, as we knew there would be a fixed time frame. Although by allowing offers to be presented at any time, we were able to sell well before deadline – to a fantastic offer! We would be happy to recommend using Bruce and his team to others, as you would be hard pressed to beat his experience and professionalism in this field – key factors to achieving a great result!

    Jill and Jeff Julian
  • When we decided it was time to sell the block of flats we had owned for more than a decade, we knew we would need to tread carefully. As landlords of five units, all of which with long term tenants who we had built wonderful relationships with, this was not going to be easy for everyone. We turned to Bruce because we knew that as a consummate professional, he would respect both us and our tenants through the process of selling this once-in-lifetime opportunity.

    Not only did he keep us fully informed of exactly how things were going with the marketing, he provided detailed accounts of how the marketing was working for us – how much traffic our internet presence was generating and how that translated into buyers at our door, which we found very interesting!

    While we had never used as Auction to sell property before, given the state of the property market here we agreed with Bruce’s opinion that this would bring us the best possible price – and we were not disappointed. Not only did he bring his wealth of experience and professionalism to the process, he and his team were a delight to deal with – friendly, courteous and helpful in all matters.

    Tony and Sheryl Lindbom
  • We found a house for sale that we really loved. When you are in that position you want to deal with a real estate agent who is clear, knows what they are talking about and does what they say they are going to do. We found that Bruce Farquhar was all of these things and had a straightforward way of moving the deal forward. We bought the house.
    Based on this experience, we used Bruce to sell our house. Contracts and process were quickly worked through and then he and his team supported us with great communication and feedback throughout. During the final negotiation we were pleased that this time we had Bruce representing us.
    Both sides of the real estate market, buying and selling, Bruce left us feeling that we had been fairly and professionally treated. He was effective and efficient and is very good at what he does. We would highly recommend him.

    Jude Watson and Andy Wotton
  • When we decided to sell our slightly unique family home, the decision to use Bruce Farquhar and his team was definitely the right one! We knew we would be trying to reach a niche, high-end purchaser, and with the combination of Bruce’s extensive database and his targeted marketing approach, we had confidence that he would find the right buyer.

    We appreciated his professionalism and experience, being the voice of wisdom for what was an often emotional journey. While he was always available to us and committed to open lines of communication, we never found him to be ‘in your face’, like some realtors can be. He gave us confidence that eventually, even in a tough market and with a unique home, we would get a favourable sale outcome.

    We would definitely use Bruce again, and I would certainly recommend him to anyone else trying to sell, particularly at the high-end of the market. Not only did we get Bruce, but the Bayleys brand and team to back him up – and let’s not forget a stunning bunch of flowers when we sold!

    Michael and Bernie Myskow
  • When we were given the task of selling my elderly mothers house we enlisted the help of Bruce Farquhar and his team of Kellie and Miriam from Bayleys Real Estate. Right from our first meeting with Bruce and Kellie we were very impressed with his extensive knowledge of the market and his enthusiasm in marketing the property. He presented us with a extensive marketing programme and calendar and on his recommendation we decided to auction the property. During the marketing process we found that Bruce kept in constant contact throughout this period and followed up each open home with a very extensive written report which was greatly appreciated. Bruce’s marketing and communication skills stand out above any experiences we have had with other real estate companies and we can now see why he has been so successful in real estate industry.

    Bruce and his team achieved a great result for us and made the whole process seem easy and stress free. Many thanks to a very effective team of Bruce Kellie and Miriam and may you all have many more years of achieving great results in the real estate industry.

    David Savage
  • When we were looking to sell our home, under slightly unusual circumstances, we knew we needed an agent who was not only professional and competent, but diligent and discreet as well. By using Bruce Farquhar our needs were not only met, but exceeded. His advice on how to present and market our home was honest and thorough, and we found his marketing campaign strategy – which was consistent yet targeted – brought the right buyers to the table, thus avoiding unnecessary and undue disruption to our lives through endless streams of ‘tyre-kickers’ at our door. By using Bruce Farquhar as Sole Agent, we knew that by giving him the sole responsibility of selling our home, he could be dedicated to it in a way that muddying the waters with multiple agents would prevent. He was on-time-every-time to appointments and always provided prompt and honest feedback from viewings. We were never left wondering where we stood or where any potential buyers were at. When it came time to make the deal, all offers were collated and presented to us at once, so we were able to take each one on its merits alongside the others, making for a quick and informed decision. Due to the high level of communication we had received during the process, however, there were no surprises, and a good sale outcome had always seemed almost inevitable!

    Graham Patchell and Lea Macdonald
  • From the outset, we found Bruce to be extremely professional and hard working. There are two key things stood out for us in terms of his approach. First, he listened – really listened – to us, how we wanted to sell our property and the outcome we were hoping to achieve.  Secondly, the level of communication was exceptional. He kept us constantly and honestly in the loop. We felt fully informed and included in the process, so there were no surprises or stressful moments.  We appreciated the level of honesty in terms of the current market place, and how we could reach our expectations. It proved to us that we were dealing with a first class, professional agent, who didn’t simply tell us what we wanted to hear and then fall short when it counted. The targeted marketing strategies brought us the right buyer, not merely a stream of ‘lookers’.  We never had any doubt about the outcome, and simply couldn’t be happier with the service and price we received.

    Stan and Pauline Sutton
  • I really liked Bruce’s professional and consistent approach when selling our home. Communication from Bruce and his team was excellent and I always felt up to speed with where things were at. Feedback from buyers through the home was always given on the same day, unless we were out of town and email communication was used. I was impressed with the way Bruce remained patient to get the best price for our home. The marketing recommended for our home was spot on and attracted the right buyers. I always felt confident that Bruce and his team would get the job done. Thank you.

    Barry and Lynne Korcheski
  • It was quite refreshing to see that knowledge and expertise really does pay when it comes to selling your home and that’s why, in the end, Bruce and his team were the prefect candidates to sell our home.  Not only did they always maintain a professional approach, they worked hard, kept us fully informed and were always on time for appointments. It certainly gave us confidence and saved us a lot of stress knowing we had finally got the right person to sell our home. In terms of the marketing that Bruce suggested, we felt if stood out above the rest and therefore we had an edge over the competition. Thanks Bruce.

    Simon and Kay Duquemin
  • Bruce was always on time for my appointments, he is professional and worked extremely hard on our behalf. He kept us fully informed at every stage of the marketing process so we knew exactly what was happening.

    We found the marketing plan Bruce recommended worked well to attract a good number of interested buyers. What was really useful in the marketing you did on my property was an approach we would never have considered using before. (We felt this actually produced a lot more interested buyers than we thought it would and was well worth the money we spent?

    We are very happy; we got a good sale in a good time frame. I will definitely recommend your services to other people because of your professionalism and no pressure approach.

    We feel we received value for money in using your services the extra level of communication and feedback alone justified your fee. We had total confidence that your attention to detail and professionalism in marketing our property and negotiation offers would lead to a successful outcome.

    Terry and Carol Hargadon
  • Bruce you worked extremely hard on my behalf; you were professional, reliable and always returned my calls which made it less stressful for me when I wasn’t in Nelson. I appreciated being kept informed at every stage of the marketing process, the weekly updates via email of activity and phone calls were just great and that made sure I knew exactly what was happening.

    Your quality information of sales in my area and personal insights was one of the great benefits I received from using your real estate services. You provided me with good feedback on the type of buyers who attended my open homes and this was far better than just getting the numbers of who went through. You were also very sharp in figuring out the potential from the non-potential buyers. The main benefit however was the fact you got the deal over the line for me.

    It’s your expertise and your insights that we value!

    Aaron Carpenter
  • What I like most about Bruce and his Team was their ability to communicate well.  Bruce kept me fully informed at every stage of the marketing process despite us living in Australia. I found both Bruce and Kellie to be very professional, trustworthy and maintained a high level of competence in every aspect of real estate. Bruce was very clear in how he wanted the property to be presented. He was very realistic in advising me what the property was worth, rather than giving me an unrealistically price. Your company’s marketing stands out above other companies and I felt this gave my property an edge in both attracting more buyer interest. I saved myself a lot of stress by dealing with someone who was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what I needed to do to present my property so that I would maximise its appeal to buyers. Thanks Bruce for going out of your way to secure a good price for me.

    Andre Nel
  • We really liked how Bruce and his Team kept us informed throughout every stage of the marketing process. We felt that Bruce maintained a professional approach and worked hard on our behalf. Bruce was personally engaged and took the task beyond his role as sales agent. We had confidence that we were dealing with a first class real estate professional. We understood the importance of using a sole agency, as we knew Bruce would represent our property to the best of his ability. Bruce maintained his commitment throughout this very protracted selling process.

    Chris and Sharron Elder
  • Congratulations on achieving the TOP 5%!

    During my long and continuing process to find  a house in Nelson, I have dealt with numerous agents across multiple companies. If I were selling a house in Nelson today you would be at the top of my list to market and sell my property.

    Your professionalism and presentation are second to none. The way you marketed the Redwood Valley home earlier this year was the reason why the property sold, after Ray White had tried and failed. I have seen many homes where the vendors are asking for top money and they haven’t taken the time to fix minor issues and present their property in the best light. You obviously identify all these minor issues and encourage the vendor to resolve them prior to listing.

    Hamish Martin
  • Being kept informed was incredibly important to me, particularly in light of me being based in Singapore; Bruce always kept me fully informed at every stage of the marketing process so I knew exactly what was happening.  I saved myself a lot of stress by dealing with someone who was very knowledgeable about every aspect of real estate. Bruce told me exactly what I needed to do to present my property so that I would maximise the appeal to buyers. Ultimately the biggest benefit was the price; I got an excellent price for my property. Other benefits were the efficient and streamlined process of the marketing plan and the information provided was based on facts eg: historical sales data. The extra level of communication and feedback from Bruce and his team alone justified their fee. A good sale almost seemed a logical conclusion.

    Leighton Matheson
  • We would confidently recommend Bruce Farquhar and his team as real estate agents. In the past few months we have worked together
    with Bruce to secure a sale of our home. In that time Bruce has proved to be professional and pleasant to deal with. His knowledge of real estate gave confidence to potential buyers. Our pleasing sale result is no doubt due to his personal attributes combined with negotiation skills and ability to work through any issues that arise, both effectively and promptly.

    Alan and Vicki Gardner
  • Many, many thanks for handling the sale of our house. You particularly, in leading your “Team” along with Kellie, have provided us with excellent advice and service leading to a successful result. You were free, frank and fearless in your advice, guiding us through a painless process. Your flexible approach was most appreciated. We started with one plan of action, but you adjusted this to another as the circumstances changed. The result came incredibly swiftly. We were most pleased to have worked with you and would recommend you to any of our friends;  In fact we have already done so.

    Chris and Harri Raujoki
  • You and Kellie together seem to make a very balanced team, proving not too overpowering or pushy, just the right mix to stimulate buyers at the right level.

    You had a passionate approach to the sale of my property, well focused with a huge number of NZ wide prospective buyers and contacts.

    I have faith in you to deliver what you say, now having sold two properties with you in the last 18 months, both with excellent results, within a good timeframe, so as to reduce my stress as seller and most satisfactory prices achieved in both cases.

    No question that the extra fee to sell with Bruce and Kellie with Bayley’s was well justified given the professionalism and net profit I made on my property after only being in my property for 12 months.

    Thanks so much Bruce and Kellie, well done.

    Sheila Gray
  • We are ecstatic to have had you sell our property before the first open home for a fantastic price, you exceeded our expectations and helped us achieve our goal quickly. You used the best of the best for not much more price-wise compared to other real estate agents, and we believe the outstanding marketing and advertising you provided us with is why we got such a great result.

    Bruce you are always so professional and you made us feel like we had a really nice property, and not just a run of the mill one that you sell everyday. We will be recommending your services to our friends and family because for a little extra money you provided first class advertising, you think outside of the box which helped to make our house stand out, and your complete professional and honest advice was welcomed and what we needed to get the job done.

    Ben and Sarah Todd
  • We had total confidence that your attention to detail and professionalism in marketing our property and negotiating offers would lead to a successful outcome, we will definitely recommend your real estate services to other people.

    We were always kept fully informed at every stage of the marketing process so we knew exactly what was happening. Bruce’s communication throughout the process was something we really liked he was professional and worked hard on our behalf.

    The three main benefits we received from using your real estate services were the information provided, the resources available to help present our property to the market and the professional advice we received on numerous occasions at our consultations.

    We like the fact that our home was only on the market for a limited time, and for us a short time frame was by far more convenient and a lot less stressful than a full blown sales campaign.

    We felt we received value for money in using your services because of the unique situation we ended up being in, both parties were satisfied and happy with the end result.

    Kirsten and Terric Goomes
  • Considering we had a poor strategy option with a different agency and you had to recover from that situation you did a great job. Your suggestion of using “Price by Negotiation” should have been our strategy from the beginning. Thanks for taking us on from a not-ideal situation.

     We saved ourselves a lot of stress by dealing with you, someone who is very knowledgeable about every aspect of real estate. You told us exactly what we needed to do to present our property so that we would maximise its appeal to buyers, and you told us the price range that we would probably get for our property, rather than giving us an unrealistically high expectation that was not accurate.

     We felt you were more honest in your appraisal of our situation and more realistic in how best to market our property to achieve a successful conclusion. Even when you were busy Bruce, your co-workers and support staff were great communicators, positive and professional in their dealings with us.

    Linda and David Compton
  • We saved ourselves a lot of stress dealing with someone who was very knowledgeable about every aspect of real estate. You told us exactly what we needed to do to present our property so that we would maximise its appeal to buyers, and you told us the price range that we would probably get for our property, rather than giving us an unrealistically high expectation that was not accurate. You were always on time for our appointments, kept us fully informed and at every stage of the marketing process, and worked hard on our behalf. We were very happy and confident to let you do your work with no interference from us, the whole process was stress free.

    Alison Wilkinson and Barry Dooley
  • Thank you Bruce, I  had total confidence that your attention to detail and professionalism in marketing my property and negotiating offers would lead to a successful outcome.

    You understood what I wanted to happen and was able to make it work, I also liked that you didn’t waste my time with unrealistic offers on the property.

    You made the whole process very easy and stress-free with your excellent communication, professional service and approach. Your knowledge and understanding of the market was excellent. You are a great person to deal with and realistic – no ‘fluffing up’ the price or setting false expectations.

    What I found useful about using the sole agency, deadline sale campaign and targeted advertising approach in marketing the property was that it was clear, specific and driven through. We discussed good strategic planning throughout and the property wasn’t on the market for too long and so it didn’t go ‘stale’.

    Rachel Rae
  • It was a refreshing change to deal with a team rather than just one person. We found your whole team empathetic, friendly and easy to deal with and so had confidence potential buyers would find the same. The team took care of every aspect, leaving us with nothing to do except concentrate on preparing the property.

    You and the team were the consummate professionals! It was clear that you were working on our behalf to achieve the best possible price, rather than looking for a quick sale to get your commission. We really appreciated your integrity and ethical approach.

     The marketing both, printed and electronic, was beautifully presented as a result of using a professional photographer and copywriter which definitely gave it an edge over other agencies.

    We thought the whole process was relatively stress-free, clear cut and obviously successful. What we liked about the deadline sale strategy was that it meant the property was only on the market for a limited time. We found that for us, a short time frame was far more convenient, and a lot less stressful than a sales campaign that went on endlessly. The best part was that our property sold quickly and for a premium price. 

    The level of service, marketing, attention to detail and communication exceeded any previous experiences. Pity we aren’t selling anything else – Bruce you will always be our first choice if needed in the future.

    John and Penny Appelman
  • “After much consideration of other agencies, we chose to work with Bruce Farquhar and his Bayleys team for several reasons. As sellers and therefore buyers of a house in the million dollar range, we wanted someone with whom we felt at ease, and who had the professional savoir faire to deal with sophisticated buyers in a changing marketplace.

    Bruce and his team impressed us with their superior marketing material and strategies, and we very much appreciated his recommendations on prepping our house to show home standard.

    Our house first went on the market on the Friday, had it’s first and only open home the Sunday, and was sold by the Wednesday! Selling a million dollar home in less than a week was a great result! We were thrilled and feel the higher fee percentage for this real estate agent was worth it. 

    When it came to offers, Bayleys proved themselves to be graceful negotiators, dealing with three cash offers, two unconditional, one mildly conditional, and bringing everyone to the table in a professional and elegant manner. We would recommend Bruce Farquhar, his team, and Bayleys any day.”

    Patrick and Heather Rose
  • “Selling one’s house can be nerve-wracking and a time of great anxiety but we had the most wonderful experience when selling our property recently with Bruce Farquhar. Updates and reports were well documented and explained, every open home was done with a fine touch and during the process, support staff were friendly and helpful.

    We had choices on how, and whom, we would use to market our property – our decision proved that service, honesty, empathy for a property and friendliness still exist in a competitive world.  Our sincere thanks to you Bruce; you were flawless and exceeded our expectations.”

    Ed and Suzie Askew
  • “On deciding to sell our house we knew we wanted a Bayleys agent and we also knew we wanted someone with experience because we felt our house would not be a straight-forward one to market. We were lucky to be put in touch with Bruce Farquhar.

    Thanks to Bruce, the selling process was as painless as it was possible to be in a difficult market with the added problem of ongoing work to be done on the house whilst the sales process was in motion. Bruce kept in touch with us, letting us know what each potential buyer thought and also had good advice as to how to improve our chances of a sale. 

    Bruce persuaded us to go through the auction process and this brought two buyers into the picture after the auction evening which led to us selling the house.The negotiating process was not a straightforward one in our case but Bruce handled it all very smoothly.

    We certainly would recommend Bruce as an agent and would definately use his services again if we were in the position of sellin a house in Nelson. He has shown himself to be a considerate, caring person whcih is an asset during the stressful time of house-selling.”

    Ralph and Karen McLean
  • “When we thought of selling our house it was with a groan. The current market was not good and we envisaged months of waiting for a buyer.

    In Bruce Farquhar and Bayleys we got a dedicated team who worked hard to make the whole experience as smooth as possible.

    Their initial house assessment was thorough and the marketing campaign clear and impressive and was clearly responsive to the feedback received through the open homes.

    Through their dedication we found we had sold within a month, despite the weak market, and we were thoroughly pleased with the efficient way Bruce handled the whole process.There is no doubt we would consider using Bruce Farquhar and Bayleys again.”

    Bee and Bev Nicolls
  • “Recently we sold or house through Bruce Farquhar of Bayleys Nelson and were thoroughly pleased with the entire process.

    We had previously had dealings with him on a couple of occasions over the past few years and had always been impressed with his approach to business and his professional manner. So when it came to selling our own home, it was an easy choice to know we wanted to list it with Bruce.

    The process of marketing our home was nothing short of impressive. Bruce’s team are all specialists in their fields and are extremely proficient in their roles.

    In dealing with Bruce, we always found him reliable, efficient and trustworthy. He is hard-working and successfully manages the delicate balance between being diplomatic and tactful whilst still managing honest, direct answers.

    In a time when the real estate market is facing uncertainties and difficulties, we found the whole process of selling our home to be completely stress free. The end result was very favourable and we would certainly be pleased to deal with Bruce again in the future.”

    – Bruce and Lisa Holmes

    Bruce and Lisa Holmes
  • Please accept our thanks for your successful endeavours in selling our property in a timely manner for an agreeable price.

    We feel it is important to let you know your services impressed us thoroughly and we would have no hesitation in using you to locate an additional property for us, or to act as agent should we sell again.

    You managed to conduct the sale of our property in such a manner that made the process incredibly simple and pleasant for us – in direct contrast to our previous experiences – and we unreservedly recommend you on that basis.

    We found the marketing information and knowledge provided by you enabled us to very quickly agree upon a professional package that presented the property well. Once open homes commenced we appreciated you making immediate contact to discuss the results, and found the comprehensive marketing report issued weekly to be of great benefit. In particular it helped us to understand how the market perceived our property, which significantly assisted with the decision making process.

    Perhaps most importantly, we found the ability to sit down and talk with you on a weekly basis to be extremely beneficial. Your honesty and transparency about the market and people’s opinions of our property were appreciated, and we never felt pressured to act until we were entirely comfortable.

    Again thank you for the successful result. We look forward to working with you in the future.

    – Melissa and Alex Munro

    Melissa and Alex Munro
  • “We are very happy that we chose Bruce Farquhar at Bayleys to sell our house.

    Bruce was totally professional, always competent and very reliable. His clear and friendly manner made for good communication throughout the process. We felt in control when making all the big decisions that are involved in selling a house but also felt well advised by Bruce’s depth of knowledge and experience in the field.

    We’re sure the quality marketing approach and great photos played a big part in finding the right buyers.

    Thanks Bruce for making what could have been a very stressful process into a quick, smooth and successful outcome.”

    Sam and Roby
  • “Thank you so much for your outstanding service in selling our Atawhai Home.

    From the first presentation we knew we were in professional hands. The entire advertising and open home campaign was well thought out. We were always consulted as to our wishes, never pushed to make a decision that we were not comfortable with.

    Everything was done on time and was responded to immediately. We felt very comfortable working with you, Bruce and your team. We are grateful for the obvious integrity of the people we worked with at Bayley’s and would use your services again.”

    Kay and Joe Waller
  • “After much deliberation we decided that for several reasons, including health, age, a need to simplify our lives amongst other, we needed to sell our house on a large, sloping section. This was a wrench as we had built the house and laid out the extensive gardens as a labour of love.

    We gave much thought as to whom we would ask to market the property and talked to several firms before deciding to go with Bruce Farquhar of Bayleys.

    We would like to recommend Bruce as a most professional Real Estate Residential Marketing Consultant. We found that he gave us good advice, was excellent at reporting on all matters and kept us very much in the picture on all aspects of selling our home. He always contacted us when he promised to and gave very extensive written reports every week. He followed up on all leads and kept in contact with every person who had attended Open Day.

    The whole process can be very stressful and emotional but Bruce managed to make it as easy as possible for us.

    He is a very good negotiator and managed to sell our home for the price we wanted and in a reasonable time frame, even though the market had slowed somewhat.

    We are very grateful for his services and would also like to thank Yvonne and Pam for their input.

    We would be very pleased to recommend Bruce to anyone wishing to market their home for the best possible price in the shortest time.”

    Pam and Norm Cowles
  • “We just wanted to take this opportunity to pass on our sincere gratitude for all your work bringing about the successful sale of our house at 51 Brougham Street. As you know, we thought long and hard about whom we wanted to employ to represent the property and we feel we absolutely made the right decision in selecting the Farquhar / Schottke double act.

    The sale of one’s family home is an emotional process and one where the vendor can often be placed in a position of great vulnerability. Working with a team of individuals who are honest, caring, professional and trustworthy is imperative to achieving a sales process as stress-free and smooth as possible.

    Bruce, your unwavering level of professionalism in all areas of the marketing and sales programme was faultless and was a key component in establishing the comfort we enjoyed over the campaign. Your personal integrity was faultless and we thank you for your unswerving dedication to the sound ethical standards we both require of ‘business associates’.

    Katrin, as the other half of the team you deserve our deepest appreciation for seeking out potential purchasers. You acted with great energy and conviction in ensuring they all received a thorough experience of the property and we realise your sparkling personal style is just one reason so many purchasers are happy to ‘do the rounds’ with you.

    In closing, we’d again just like to pass on our gratitude to you both. We are sad to have left our house, and Nelson behind us, but you made the process as painless as possible. We wish you all the success you deserve and trust many more vendors will enjoy your efforts on their behalf as indeed we did.”

    Blu and Michelle Steven
  • “I chose Bayleys as an agency to sell my house because of their reputation.It was a good decision.Bruce Farquhar was my agent and the property, at the higher end of the market, took 4 months to reach unconditional status.

    Client communications with Bruce were outstanding. Personal contact, phone, email, overseas fax, written notes, advertising material – Bruce never left me in any doubt at any time about the stage we were at. He followed every lead, reported on every step of progress, followed up on every possibility, returned every call.

    At no time did he put pressure on me to make a decision or sign anything until I was ready and he always remained positive when things stalled.

    Bruce negotiated offers on my behalf according to my needs and wishes and the sales package and unconditional status allowed me time and funds to find a new home.”

    Cindy Flook
  • “We wish to express our gratitude to Bruce Farquhar and his team for the fantastic result they have achieved for us in selling our family home, and also for their professional assistance in the purchase of the property we are looking forward to moving into in the New Year.

    We first met Bruce when we found our new home. We were immediately impressed with the seamless way the team facilitated the purchase process for us. At no time did we feel under any pressure to make a decision, and our every request was granted as soon as possible. It was an easy decision for us to use Bruce and his team in the selling of our property, as we felt their professional and experienced approach would enable us to achieve the sale of our home in the required time frame – which was very tight and over the Christmas period.

    It is not an easy decision to sell the family home and make a life change, and selling with small children makes the process just that bit harder, but with Bruce and his team we felt very comfortable, and we felt our needs were always placed first. They always let us know exactly what was happening as it was happening, and even anticipated our next move on a few occasions, saving us time and stress. Bruce’s negotiating skills meant that we achieved exactly what we needed to make the sale and purchase happen without a hitch.

    We feel extremely grateful for our positive experience with Bruce and his team and have no hesitation in recommending them to future clients.”

    Maria Pileff